Board & Management

Robert Beeson

Non-Executive Director

Dr Robert Beeson has a BSc Hons and Ph.D. in geology, and has very extensive global experience in the mining industry.  Dr Beeson has previously held senior management positions with Billiton Australia, Acacia Resources, North Limited and New Hampton Goldfields, and was Managing Director of Drake Resources Limited until 2013.  Dr Beeson served as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Aura Energy Limited from May 2006 until 1 January 2015, and is currently a Non-Executive Director of that company. He has a range of experience in project identification, valuation and acquisition, strategy development, and in leading and managing exploration teams.


Nochum Labowski

Non-Executive Director

Mr Labowski is the CEO and principal investor in Halevi Enterprises, a private equity firm. Halevi Enterprises with, Mr Labowski’s leadership, currently holds equity in over 30 private companies, which invest in real estate worldwide. Mr Lubowski’s unique approach to investing has provided significant returns to those companies he has invested in to date.


Mordechai Benedkit

Executive Chairman

Mr Benedikt is an experienced businessman with an extensive background in food imports for over 12 years.  He is very active in export trade from Australia to Asia, building a vast network overseas.

More recently he has been actively involved in commercial property and substantial investments in the public sector.

He is a substantial shareholder in Cohiba Minerals Limited and is also a Director of the ASX listed company, Abilene Oil and Gas Limited (ASX code: ABL).


Management and Consultants

The Company is aware of the need to have sufficient management to properly supervise the exploration and (if successful) for the development of the projects in which the Company has, or will in the future have, an interest and the Board will continually monitor the management roles in the Company. As the Company’s projects require an increased level of involvement the Board will look to appoint additional management and/or consultants when and where appropriate to ensure proper management of the Company’s projects.